Hi, my name is Ulzhan!

I created this space to channel my excitement to join Shopify and to learn more about the platform.

Working at Shopify to empower millions of entrepreneurs would be a dream come true. But, it's not a one-sided deal. I truly believe I can contribute to Shopify's success story in a big way.

Ok, tell me more
  • Leadership Capacity

    Ulzhan has experience leading complex operational and strategic initiatives with professionalism, accountability, and a track record of high quality execution.

  • Purpose Alignment

    Entrepreneurship is wickedly hard, but Shopify makes it accessible for millions of dreamers out there - that's a good reason to do great work that matters.

  • Creative Analytical Problem Solver

    Ulzhan loves solving problems, puzzles, crosswords, escape rooms, and other enigmas that can be structured. Her secret weapon is Excel in many cases.

  • Growth Mindset

    Curious life-long learner, Ulzhan is usually studying on udemy or learning to code when not watching a documentary or jotting down business ideas.